Hashtag Realtalk with Aaron Bregg

Episode 90 - Getting Multi Cloud Compliant

August 02, 2023 Aaron Bregg Season 5 Episode 15
Hashtag Realtalk with Aaron Bregg
Episode 90 - Getting Multi Cloud Compliant
Show Notes

In this episode I had a chance to dive into a topic that is ripped straight from my day job. Multi Cloud Compliance. My guest for this episode is Mike Roman. Mike is a Senior Security Sales Engineer for Orca Security, which happens to be  the company that just won the 'Best Swag' award at Cloud Con last week!

In all seriousness though, more and more companies are having to rely on multi-cloud environments in order to keep the lights on. You may be a Amazon AWS shop but you may use Snowflake for data analytics and something else for your ERP solution.

Getting compliant across the different environments not only means business success but may keep you from avoiding fines from regulators.

Talking Points:

  • What is an overly permission role in a multi-cloud environment?
  • Is it really over permissive or is it really right for the job?
  • What is the 'real' world example for the principle of least privilege for multi-cloud?
  • Stitching the flow from misconfigs back to identity 
  • Taking a lot more inputs from many different spots including Behavioral Analytics information

Episode Sponsor:

 This episode is sponsored by Orca Security. Orca is a cloud security solution and is based out of Portland, Tel-Aviv and London.

Episode Charity:

 Part of the sponsorship fees from this episode will be going to the Alex's Saints charity. Alex's Saints Foundation works to provide life-changing emotional and financial assistance to young adults who struggle with substance use disorder, while empowering long-term recovery.