Hashtag Realtalk with Aaron Bregg

Episode 98 - 'Real' Use Cases for Artitificial Intelligence Security in 2024

December 21, 2023 Aaron Bregg Season 5 Episode 23
Hashtag Realtalk with Aaron Bregg
Episode 98 - 'Real' Use Cases for Artitificial Intelligence Security in 2024
Show Notes

In this special episode we celebrate the 4th annual holiday fundraiser podcast. It is already a blessing to raise money for great causes all while raising security awareness for small and medium sized businesses. The topic for this episode is one that is super relevant for this day and age of Digital Transformation. However, in keeping with the format of #RealTalk, we are going to explore some 'real world' use cases for using Artificial Intelligence in Security in 2024.

The have two special guests and one awesome co-host for this episode. Kassandra Murphy is a Senior Consulting Solutions Engineer for Splunk. My other guest is Sanjay Kalra who is in Product Management for ZScaler.

My co-host for this episode is none other than Jim Kuiphof, who happens to be the Deputy Chief Information Security Officer at Corewell Health!

Talking Points:

  • Touched on phases of the kill chain/attack lifecycle and how AI comes into play, WHY it's expanding the attack surface within each phase (i.e., system enumeration can be done at such a larger speed and scale)
  • How will AI change how companies will be adhering to the new Security and Exchange Commission's policy for reporting security breaches
  • Researching AI from a defensive Point of View
  • How do you keep up with the business's speed of moving forward with AI while trying to protect it

Episode Sponsors:

Splunk -  Splunk is a security observability solutions provider based out of San Francisco California.

Zscaler -  ZScaler is a security solution provider based out of San Jose California. 

Episode Charities:

North Kent Connect - North Kent Connect is a Christian organization committed to improving the lives of all people in northern Kent County by providing access to basic needs and promoting economic independence.

Toys for Tots West Michigan - The mission of the U. S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program is to collect new, unwrapped toys during October, November and December each year, and distribute those toys as Christmas gifts to less fortunate children in the community in which the campaign is conducted.

Reference Links:

If you are interested in the SURGe blog that Kassie talked about in the episode, you can find it Here.